Blooming Glaciers

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Oct 20

It happens in the moments when I stop hearing, and suddenly start to listen. When the night’s soundtrack debuts on an empty street corner, and the orchestra’s vibrations warm my fingertips. Those are the precious seconds when I can close my eyes and see the colors that tinge every skyline more vibrant than ever, the seconds I can feel my body encircled by your arms and know that when I walk home alone,
I’ll still be dancing to the rhythm of your syncopated heartbeat.

Oct 19

“Ever since we met
I only shoot up with your perfume
It’s the only thing
That makes me feel as good you do”
Panic! at the Disco

Oct 18

Anonymous said: :333 review my poetryy?lol?? thank u smuch i love u darling :;)))) AUTUMN crimson leaves, falling thanks agen babe I loff u 5evurr

True love at its finest

Oct 15
Psat time! Here we ggooo

Psat time! Here we ggooo

Oct 12

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